Live Resin

Live resin represents a unique type of cannabis concentrate crafted from fresh frozen plant material, rather than the traditional dried and cured buds. This particular extraction technique not only liberates cannabinoids but also preserves the terpenes, enabling the extractor to capture the authentic flavor of the live plant, distinct from the attributes of dried and cured buds. The retention of these flavorful terpenes is what distinguishes live resin as a premium, connoisseur-grade product.

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31 Terpz live resin

FLAVOR Tiranish, Fritter Mintz, French chocolate chip, Lemon C. Pie, Strawberry Gelato, Smorez, Sharklatto, Runtz, Zaza

Derb and Terpys Live Resin

Derb and Terpys Live Resin Derb & Terpys products come in One (01) Ounce jars which contain five-star Live Resin and come in

Derbs and Terpys

FLAVOR Tropicanna Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, Garlic Juice, White Runtz, Frosted Animal Crackers, Birthday Cake, Pink Guava, Dirty Sprite, Tangie

Hoggin Dabz Live Resin Badder

Hoggin dabs live resin Hoggin Dabz live resin products come in One (01) Ounce jars which contain five star Live Resin ( some

Persy live resin

Persy live resin Persy Live Resin is a unique form of concentrate in that the flower used is frozen immediately after

White runtz baller Jar

White runtz baller Jar Net wet: 1 Oz (28.545g) Live Resin wax

Wholesale Premium Cartridge

Derb and Terpys Premium Cartridge Derb & Terpys products come in One (01) Ounce jars which contain five-star Live Resin and

Zaza Rocks

Zaza Rocks Marijuana moon rocks, Zaza rocks are basically the “champagne” of the pot world. Some people even call them cannabis caviar.