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Amnesia Haze Auto

The Amnesia Haze Auto is the result of many years breeding. A cross of the Amnesia Haze, bred in The Netherlands in the 1990's by Hy-Pro Seeds. The original Amnesia, aka Amnesia Haze, Champagne Haze, The Bomb, Ultra Haze and many others names is classic Sativa strain, popular everywhere.

Apple Fritter Auto

Imagine a strain that tastes so sweet and sugary that you could easily mistake a hit for a bite of an apple fritter. Now, throw THC levels of 23% and a rapid growing cycle into the equation. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, you can make this dream a reality by placing Apple Fritter Auto seeds into the soil. Enjoy a euphoric and stoning high and simply gorgeous flavours.

Blue Cheese Auto

Blue Cheese Auto cannabis seeds are a cross of Blueberry Auto and Cheese Auto that has been perfected over five years of breeding and careful selection. The result is a feminized, autoflowering seed with superior yield, flavor, and effects to either of its distinguished parent strains.

Bubble Kush Auto

Bubble Kush Auto serves as a resilient, robust, and easy strain to grow, providing consistent yields in a small window of time. Perfect for stealth growers and those looking for rapid results, Bubble Kush Automatic will keep your stash jars full all year round.

Cookies Gelato Auto

Cookies Gelato Auto combines the speed of a good auto with THC levels usually associated with photoperiod genetics. In as little as 10 weeks, this powerhouse strain will churn out dense colas packed with 23% THC. But cannabinoids aren't the only phytochemicals found in her flowers. She also contains an abundance of terpenes that provide tastes of honey, cookies, and earth.

Diesel Auto

Diesel Auto offers the well-known and much-loved taste and aroma of New York City Diesel, while boasting quicker harvests thanks to the autoflowering genetics gained from its Lowryder #2 parent. Like all the newer autoflowering hybrids, it has an improved yield and better flavour compared to many of the original autoflowering strains.

Easy Bud

Most of our autoflowering feminized strains are easy to grow. This one, however, is so easy that we had to call it Easy Bud. Easy Bud is very similar to the autoflowering strain Royal Dwarf, and satisfies with respectable yields and moderate THC levels.

Florida Orange Seeds

Florida Orange Seeds  For Sale – Buy Online Today Our Premium Florida orange marijuana seeds for sale are fresh. A

Florida Sunrise Seeds

Florida Sunrise Marijuana Seeds for Sale – Buy Online Today Our Florida sunrise marijuana seeds for sale are an auto-flowering

HulkBerry Auto

HulkBerry Auto is a great way to start a productive day. Her sativa high will fire you up and boost your productivity as her rich terpene profile spoils your taste buds with sweet and spicy notes.

Jungle Canyon seeds

Jungle Canyon Seeds For Sale – Buy Online Today  Jungle Canyon Marijuana Seeds are produced from high-quality genetics. They use

Mimosa Auto

Mimosa Auto isn’t only about her mouth-watering citrus flavours that make putting her down quite the challenge. This potent autoflower also produces a great uplifting high, which is the perfect daily pick-me-up. Plus, she delivers on the promise and produces good yields in record time.