Jeeter Juice

Jeeter Juice Live Resin presents an irresistible disposable straw designed to provide you with a flawless puff on every occasion. This unique elixir is crafted using a singular ingredient – cannabis, ensuring the most unadulterated and tantalizing blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. Are you prepared for a delightful draw?

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Jeeter Juice Apple Fritter

Jeeter Juice Apple Fritter is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created by crossing Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. Its mouthwatering,

Jeeter Juice Blue Zkittlez

Jeeter Juice Blue Zkittlez is an indica cross of Blue Diamond and Zkittlez. This odoriferous flower offers a terpene profile of tart

Jeeter Juice Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush is an indica strain made by crossing Blueberry and OG Kush. It has a lovely fruity sweet aroma and flavor

Jeeter Juice Gelato

Jeeter Juice Gelato. Originally from the famous Cookie Fam of the Bay Area, Gelato is a hybrid cross between Sunset Sherbet and

Jeeter Juice Honeydew

Jeeter Juice Honeydew is a sativa strain with a flavor profile that is true to its name. Its complex terpene

Jeeter Juice Horchata

Horchata is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created by crossing the delicious Mochi Gelato X Jet Fuel Gelato strains. As delicious as

Jeeter Juice Limoncello

Jeeter Juice Limoncello is a sativa strain made by crossing The Original Lemonade and Cherry Pie. Also. With a delightful

Jeeter Juice Maui Wowie

Jeeter Juice Maui Wowie (not Maui Waui) is a classic sativa whose tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities will float you

Jeeter Juice Peach Ringz

Jeeter Juice Peach Ringz is an indica strain created by crossing tasty Marionberry X Eddy OG. Also, It has a super sweet

Jeeter Juice SFV OG

Jeeter Juice SFV OG, also known as “San Fernando Valley OG” is a potent indica dominant hybrid of the OG Kush strain.