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Introducing the latest marvel from Gold Coast Clear, the Gen 2 Disposables—a symphony of captivating flavors and therapeutic effects that redefine your vaping experience.

Rainbow Belts: A Burst of Bliss Dive into the calming effects of Rainbow Belts, offering a euphoric high that swiftly envelopes you in happiness and relaxation. With a THC level of 20%, it’s an ideal choice for those with a high THC tolerance. Unwind as Rainbow Belts helps with stress (15%), depression (12%), and insomnia (10%). The Gold Coast Clear Gen 2 Disposable ensures a pure experience—no cutting agents, just cannabis-derived and botanical terpenes.

Blue Slush: A Chill in Every Puff Indulge in the heavy head high of Blue Slush, delivering a cerebral and relaxed state. In larger doses, it’s your ticket to sedation and sofa-bound serenity. Fruity and sweet, it’s a go-to for alleviating anxiety (20%), depression (16%), and fatigue (10%).

Spacewalker: Elevate Your Experience Spacewalker takes you to new heights, especially for those dealing with PTSD (50%), depression (25%), and fatigue (25%). Experience the pure potential of Gold Coast Clear Disposable—no refills, just an unparalleled journey.

Divine Gelato: A Heavenly Respite Enter a realm of euphoria, relaxation, and a touch of sedation with Divine Gelato. Embrace the nutty sweet and fruity flavors as it aids in pain (75%), stress (75%), and anxiety (75%).

Runtz 33: A Dreamy Hybrid Known as Runtz #33, this hybrid brings a sleepy, hungry, and relaxed vibe, providing relief for insomnia (33%), pain (33%), and anxiety (33%).

Watermelon Margarita: A Tropical Escape Savor the sweetness of Watermelon Margarita, offering a THC level of 16-17%. Indulge in the mysterious blend of sweet tropical fruit with a hint of earthiness. It’s an all-around mystery strain for those seeking a flavorful adventure.

New Flavors, Endless Possibilities Discover the latest Gold Coast Clear Gen 2 Disposables, featuring Pie Hoe (stress 20%, depression 17%, anxiety 17%), Dosi Killer (muscle spasms 18%, pain 18%, stress 18%), and Gorilla Warfare (anxiety 25%, bipolar disorder 25%).

More Strains to Delight Your Senses Explore strains like MAC, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Cough, GMO, Kush Mints, Hubba Bubba Kush, Black Cherry OG, Milky Way, Strawberry Banana, and Grape Sorbet—each offering a unique flavor profile and therapeutic benefits.

GOLD COAST CLEAR CARTS: Unveiling Excellence With effects ranging from relaxation to creativity, and flavors from sweet to spicy, Gold Coast Clear Carts redefine your cannabis experience. Indulge in the pure effects of GMO, Kush Mints, Hubba Bubba Kush, Black Cherry OG, Milky Way, Strawberry Banana, and Grape Sorbet.

Choose Gold Coast Clear Gen 2 Disposables and Carts for a premium vaping experience—no cutting agents, strain-specific terpenes, and a potency range of 70% to 85%. Each inhale is a journey; each exhale is satisfaction. Explore the extraordinary with Gold Coast Clear.

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