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Gold Coast Clear Exotic Disposable


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Gold Coast Clear Exotic Disposable

Introducing the Gold Coast Clear Exotic Disposable collection—an exquisite selection of strains that redefine the cannabis experience.

OREOZ: A Campfire S’mores Adventure Oreoz boasts a potent and long-lasting high, cautioning newcomers to the cannabis scene. With a delightful aroma reminiscent of campfire s’mores, featuring hints of chocolate and diesel, Oreoz is a go-to for those seeking relief from appetite loss, insomnia, chronic stress, and depression. It aids with anxiety (21%), stress (18%), and depression (15%), offering a delightful blend of feelings—hungry, happy, and relaxed.

RACE FUEL OG: The Diesel-Pine Fusion Race Fuel OG combines the diesel fuel punch of “High Octane” with the citrus and pine aromas of Face Off OG. Experience a rush of energy followed by a cozy, weighted stone, making it ideal for anxiety, minor pain, and appetite loss. This strain helps with pain (45%), stress (42%), and anxiety (40%), delivering feelings of hunger, focus, and tingliness.

TROPICANA COOKIES: A Tropical Delight Indulge in the hybrid bliss of Tropicana Cookies, offering happy, uplifted, and relaxed feelings. With a nutty flavor featuring notes of vanilla and berries, this strain helps with anxiety (23%), depression (21%), and stress (13%). Experience the delightful blend of giggly, uplifted, and creative sensations.

SPACE AGE CAKE: A Cosmic Indulgence Space Cake, a hybrid with both indica and sativa qualities, brings forth happiness, upliftment, and relaxation. With nutty flavors accompanied by notes of vanilla and berries, it aids with anxiety (23%), depression (21%), and stress (13%). Dive into a cosmic experience with feelings of giggly, uplifted, and creativity.

BLACK CHERRY GELATO: A Sensual Symphony Black Cherry Gelato, with its arousing, hungry, and focused effects, is an ideal choice for both new and experienced consumers at 14% THC. Pinene dominates the terpene profile, offering stress relief (33%), anxiety reduction (23%), and battling depression (19%). Enjoy the berry, menthol, and blue cheese flavors.

DIRTY SPRITE BREATH: An Energetic Elixir Dirty Sprite Breath tackles depression (37%), anxiety (37%), and fatigue (25%). Experience feelings of arousal, upliftment, and giggles, balanced with flavors of tea, citrus, and honey. A perfect choice for those seeking an energetic uplift.

MIA PAI: Frosty Relaxation Mia Pai stands out with its frosty appearance and a unique aroma of cherries and orange peels. With a relaxing yet functional high, it’s favored for pain and anxiety relief. This strain helps with stress (30%), pain (28%), and depression (25%). Enjoy uplifted, energetic, and creative feelings, complemented by flavors of orange, tree fruit, and tea.

LEMONCHELLO: Citrus Elegance Lemonchello produces compact green and purple buds with a delightful flavor profile of lemon and cherry. Experience a mellow and relaxed sensation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a refreshing blend.

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