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District Edibles


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District Edibles

Buy District Edibles online manufactures small-batch edibles that are formulated for optimal absorption into the body. Everything is gluten-free and individually sealed by the dose. They range from gummies to chocolates but each product maintains the same size and shape.

Nugg Score: How the Nugg Team Rates This ProductDistrict Edibles

Packaging: 5/5

  • Well-protected in a hard-plastic, child-resistant container.
  • Reusable, recyclable, and doubles as a joint holder? Sold.
  • Fun rocket ship theme; classy graphics with gold, white and bluish purple.

Labeling: 3.5/5

  • Bare minimum for adult-use compliance.District Edibles GummiesDistrict Edibles
  • Leaves many questions: does “purified” mean the same as “extracted using?” What strains were used, how can we verify lab results?

Easy to Dose?: 4.5/5

  • Simple to dose if you’re comfortable with the amount of THC and CBD in a single gummy.
  • Harder to cut and achieve a precise micro-dose.

Discretion: 5/5

  • Packaging travels well in jackets or pockets and the foil itself has no reference to cannabis.
  • While someone might see the spaceship spangled pack and be curious what’s inside, they won’t know off the bat these are medicated gummies.

Taste: 2.5/5

  • Cannabis-forward is an understatement.
  • These have the “weedy” taste that turns many people off of edibles. But if your top priority is effectiveness, then the flavor is secondary.

Texture: 4.5/5

  • Great texture for a gummy: not chewy, but more wiggly, like Jell-O with density.
  • Didn’t get stuck in my teeth, left with a slight oily residue on my hands.

Effectiveness: 5/5

  • Strong stuff, definitely helped me feel elevated, helped me manage pain, and sparked my appetite right up.
  • May have caused a bit more anxiety than I typically enjoy.

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District Edibles Gummies

Versatility: 1.5/5

  • Other than eating it as a gummy, there’s not a whole lot else you can do with these.
  • Potential to be used as a garnish for a cocktail or suspended in squares of Jell-O, but given the flavor issue, I’d recommend eating them as is.

Consistency: 5/5

  • Overall experience was consistent as it could be.
  • Each gummy is a true 10 milligrams and that makes it a good buy in my book.

Price: 4/5

  • At $15-18 per 10-pack of gummies, this is a fair price for consistently strong medicine… which definitely tastes like medicine.
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